Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Taylor Swift Wonderstruck perfume Review!

When it comes to perfumes, I am very picky! I get headaches very easily from being around a person who is wearing a nauseating perfume. During the Sephora Freinds and Family sale I decided to order Taylor Swift's perfume and give it a whirl. For some reason, I just had a feeling that she had good taste in perfume. As opposed to other celebrities who I feel like their perfume's are probably not my taste. For example, I feel like Jennifer Aniston's perfume (which I have not smelled) would be too "old" for me. I like youthful perfumes. Not too sweet and candy-ish but still YOUNG. Last thing I want to smell like is an old woman! (not that Jennifer Aniston is old)Also Mariah Carey, I would be hesitant to try hers. She seems like a bit of a wild card. Can't trust her taste in perfume. But Taylor Swift seems trustworthy in the perfume department!

Here is a list of other perfumes I like to give you an idea of my taste in scents:
Donna Karen SUMMER
Armani Mania Summer
Paris Hilton's first perfume "Paris Hilton"

These are my most worn pefumes.

One perfume I cannot STAND is CHANEL. I love me some Chanel but good god that perfume is aweful.

If I were to describe WONDERSTRUCK, I would say there is definitely a hint of vanilla in there. I normally shy away from Vanilla scents because they bore me. This one, like I said has a HINT. The rest is a bit floraly with youthfullness and sophistication. It's not annoying, but not serious. It's very warm and cozy. Kind of Christmas-y to me for some reason. But light at the same time.

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