Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My Favorite Foods: Try them!!!!

If you are not foaming at the mouth by now....you're in denial..........omgg...I'm starving now.

L'Equipaggiamento del giorno (Outfit of the day)

Today I had class, so I dressed "nice" but if I don't have class and I'm not doing anything I usually wear sweats or my old jeans...when I say old jeans I mean like bootcut jeans that are looser...skinny jeans are cute but they aren't the most comfortable thing to wear. My jeans are at least 4 years old from Forever 21. My white T is from Alloy.com. My blue and grey striped vest thingy is from TJ-Maxx and my necklace was from the swap meet which is also at least 4 years old and my flip flops are Old Navy in dark blue. It's nothing special...not that great of an outfit but I wanted to start posting more stuff!

Things I'm Loving: Karmaloop.com

Not sure if I'd wear the beanies, maybe snowboarding! haha. But they're cute! More for a little girl. The ring is by Disney and it says "Think of a Wonderful Thought". I love that! I love everything Disney! And just more JEWELRY...my favorite:-)