Sunday, January 30, 2011

New Blog

Hey Guys! I created a new blog. It's and THAT is where I will be posting anything to do with art from now on. Please Follow it, I absolutely love blogging and it is just more fun when people are actually reading it! LOL I am really into blogging lately so except lots of posts from me. As for THIS blog, I am thinking of making it a blog all about my favorite subject: FOOD. hehe. I love trying new restaurants, new foods & items at the grocery store. I am a very healthy person but when I have a craving for something you better believe I go find that thing!! I love cooking & baking also so there will probably be some easy, fun, DELICIOUS recipes on here too. I have good taste in food, don't worry. As for outfits of the day and makeup/clothing reviews, things of that nature, I am not sure where to put them for now? Should I make a third blog just for that stuff? Or should I have it on one of these two blogs? I know some people are only going to want to read about art, or food, or fashion. I need a blog name if I do create a third blog. Decisions, decisions...


Thursday, January 27, 2011

Apparently I like checkers?

Outfit of TODAY: Yellow & Black plaid dress with black cardigan, knee high socks and black boots!

DRESS from a tiny boutique near my house
Cardigan from Loehmanns
Knee high socks are actually from my trip to Japan but I'm sure you can buy them anywhere
Boots are Target!
Oh and glasses are Betsy Johnson!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Outfit of the Day! 1st one EVER!

Today I just went to school. I actually just got home and IMMEDIATELY changed into sweats & uggs & took off all my makeup=) Ahhhh!! Feels so much better! So I don't normally do outfits of the day, but here goes nothin!
If you wanna know where I got any of it I will list it down below. It's all very cheap!

My plaid SHIRT is from Forever21. Bought it almost a year ago I would guess.
My PANTS are black jeggings from Target! Got 'em for Christmas! I'm freakishly tall so they are almost like capri's on me unfortunately.
And my BOOTS are from Target too! I think they were about $29!
And then I just have a black cotton headband and a bun in my hurr!



Thursday, January 13, 2011

How do I make YouTube Partner? & My YouTube Story

This was the question I was asking myself months ago when I thought I was qualified for partner but wasn't! I recently made YouTube Partner and it was NOT an east feat! I had been babying my YouTube account "PacificPastime" for one year before I was qualified for partner.

Before I became partner I would go on google and try to search for more answers about being a YouTube Partner and I could never find much reliable info out there. I don't think there is a specific number of subscribers one needs to make YouTube partner. What I DO think is important, is a channels consistency with uploading videos. I know they look for someone who is uploading on a regular basis. Also, I have heard that you need a video with tons of views. Not sure if this is correct. I have one video with over 100k views so it could be true.

Do youtube partners make money? Yes, they have the option of making money off of advertisements on their channel.

How much do YouTube Partners make? Unfortunately, YouTube partners aren't allowed to disclose information about how much they get paid.

I feel like YouTube should come up with a new name for their Partner Program because it really sounds more prestigious than it is! lol! I think a year is a very common length of time for YouTube users to become partner. If you ever plan on making YouTube partner make sure you don't have ANY copyright issues.

The first few weeks/months of my channel, I was thinking I was going nowhere! But the more you upload, and the more you see other videos similar to yours, you learn new things and come up with new ideas and your videos will get better and better. I look back at the first videos I made (which, at the time, I thought were BADASS) and cringe lol. Not only have I gotten better at making videos but I have become a better drawer! And youtube has led me to other things. I started an Etsy account and some of the people who have bought portraits from me said they found me from my YouTube channel! I remember watching the news about a year ago and they were talking about all these YouTube beauty guru's and how they make lots of money and get sent products for review and they news anchor said "if you know how to do something interesting, make a tutorial video on how to do it and you could make money" and right then I was like hmmm....what do I know how to do? At first I was thinking of doing makeup videos. But I thought, I don't want to put my face out there, I'll use my friends face and I will do the makeup! So after a few weeks a told my friend that we could make money eventually and asked her to let me do her makeup on camera and she agreed. So we did the first video and it was good, and I edited it REALLY nice, or so I thought. And I showed my family and everybody thought it was so cool! But that didn't last because she wasn't as into it as I was & I felt like I was begging so I decided to try something more on my own. And I came across some drawing videos, and I knew I wasn't nearly as good as some of them but I thought I'd do it anyways. So I did it and people liked them, and I thought it was fun and the rest is history. Haha, I sound like I've hit the jackpot or something. No no no. I've just gotten to the point where lots of people are subscribed to me and look forward to my videos and tell me my videos made them try drawing and they weren't as bad as they thought which is AWESOME! I love all the sweet comments I get from kids and teenagers. They make my day. So if any of my subscribers are reading this Thank YOU! I love yall!!!!!!