Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Outfit of the Day! 1st one EVER!

Today I just went to school. I actually just got home and IMMEDIATELY changed into sweats & uggs & took off all my makeup=) Ahhhh!! Feels so much better! So I don't normally do outfits of the day, but here goes nothin!
If you wanna know where I got any of it I will list it down below. It's all very cheap!

My plaid SHIRT is from Forever21. Bought it almost a year ago I would guess.
My PANTS are black jeggings from Target! Got 'em for Christmas! I'm freakishly tall so they are almost like capri's on me unfortunately.
And my BOOTS are from Target too! I think they were about $29!
And then I just have a black cotton headband and a bun in my hurr!




  1. Cute outfit. I thought you were gonna say your boots are from walmart, because they look just like mine and thats where I got mine from. I am wearing them right now. Also, I noticed you have the same picture or poster in the background as dulcecandy haha.

  2. Walmart and Target are my favorite places ever!! lol And yeah! I noticed that too haha, but I remember her tweeting when she got hers and I got mine yearssssss ago ;-) lol. It's from Ikea.

  3. Oh ikea has really nice stuff. I looove walmart too. The prices are cheap. Target has such nice things, but are a little more expensive so i tend not to go there as much.