Tuesday, October 5, 2010

My Less Sugar, More Fruits & Veggies Diet. AKA Me Trying to be more healthy.

So last night after eating 9283 million dubble bubble pieces of gum & peanut m&ms (I almost just spelt that eminems hahaha) I decided I'm a fatty(not physically) but mentally. I eat WAY too much sugar! And carbs...and fat. But I'm not too worried about the fat because I don't have high blood pressure & it just seems more natural to eat fat than sugar. Even though sugar is grown...WHATEVER. It's confusing. But I know sugar can be very harmful to my body. If definitely makes me FEEL like a fat bastard that's for sure. And it makes me teeth feel nasty. So why do I eat it. I dunnooo?? It tastes sooo nummy! That's why! ANDD...I like to be munching on stuff when I'm bored or watching TV or on the internet. So that's gotta stop. I've heard before that sugar can cause premature wrinkles. Not Good!

So anyways this is what I ate today:

I hate half a banana, then cut up the other half and added it to my oatmeal. I had a BIG bowl of oatmeal. And in my oatmeal I put: butter, milk, brown sugar, maple syrup, raisins, dried cranberries, almonds, aaand the 1/2 bananer.

So...yes I know I put a TON of stuff in my oatmeal. I only like it that way. Hey, if I'm gonna eat healthy I want to make sure I'm enjoying it. A little butter aint gonna kill me. ...And brown sugar ...and maple syrup. shut up.
And I had a large glass O' Water.

First I ate a salad. Just greens & a hard boiled egg cut up. With Oil & Vinegar dressing. Then I ate a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Random lunch I know.

DINNER: Turkey burger & tater tots....not much to explain here. Hey at least it was turkey. And I didn't put cheese on it :/

NO DESSERT WOOHOO!! Even thought it's almost 11:30 and I COULD go for a bowl of cereal right about now but NO. I'm going to bed!

Soo That's That! Lemme know whatchyall think. ;-)