Sunday, January 30, 2011

New Blog

Hey Guys! I created a new blog. It's and THAT is where I will be posting anything to do with art from now on. Please Follow it, I absolutely love blogging and it is just more fun when people are actually reading it! LOL I am really into blogging lately so except lots of posts from me. As for THIS blog, I am thinking of making it a blog all about my favorite subject: FOOD. hehe. I love trying new restaurants, new foods & items at the grocery store. I am a very healthy person but when I have a craving for something you better believe I go find that thing!! I love cooking & baking also so there will probably be some easy, fun, DELICIOUS recipes on here too. I have good taste in food, don't worry. As for outfits of the day and makeup/clothing reviews, things of that nature, I am not sure where to put them for now? Should I make a third blog just for that stuff? Or should I have it on one of these two blogs? I know some people are only going to want to read about art, or food, or fashion. I need a blog name if I do create a third blog. Decisions, decisions...



  1. You should make this one about food, fashion and beauty, and then your other one only dedicated to drawings. I love your drawings, btw!

  2. Thanks for the advice! I really like that idea:)

  3. I agree with Lucy!:D

    ***** Marie *****