Monday, September 21, 2009

My Favorite Emmy's 2009 Styles

I love watching award shows! The Grammy's and Oscars are my favorites because that's like big time celebrities. But not only do I love the show part of it, I LOVE the beautiful dresses and crazy outfits people wear. This year at the Emmy's I saw a few gorgeous dresses and some beautiful makeup. Red is my favorite color so I immediately fell in love with Blake Lively's Vibrant Versace red gown. I also love the simplicity of Kim Kardashian's white Ina Soltani dress. I read that right before the awards show the dress unravled! She had to suck in and a tailor came to sew her back in! Thats why she looks so good...shes sucking in! haha. My favorite faces were again Kim Kardashian, and Mila Kunis. Kim had a silver/white eye with a pale lip accentuating her brown eyes. And Mila had a gorgeous eyeshadow matching her dress which made her look so exotic!

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