Monday, September 21, 2009


I've decided that I prefer to NOT smell like an oniony cheeseburger or an Indian athlete so I like to wear deodorant. The only thing is: I've read/heard numerous times that scientists have determined that certain ingredients in underarm antiperspirants or deodorants may cause breast cancer because they are applied to an area next to the breast. The ingredient I believe they are talking about is ALUMINUM. The thing is, is that when people go to the store to buy their deodorant, most people don't realize that about 99.9999999% of the Deodorants at the Store are also ANTIPERSPIRANTS. Deodorant covers up the smell, and antiperspirants is used to reduce the sweat. I mean, think about it...What kind of chemicals are going on your skin and being absorbed into your body that can stop sweat from coming out of your glands. That must be some strong shit! Not only do I dislike antiperspirant because of it's possible harmful effects BUT is it just me or is normal deodorant hard to get off in the shower!? I use a little shower puff in the shower that I put soap on and it wont glide over my armpits like it does the rest of my body because of the rubbery/ sticky gross feeling of the Deodorant/Antiperspirant! I hate it! So I decided to go to the store to buy some 'natural' deodorant with no antiperspirant and what did I find? A whole buncha stanky nothin'! Ok nothing against 'Toms' natural deodorant but um Hello??? You stank! My mom uses it and she doesn't stink but hell....I smelled that crap in the store and it smelled like pure butthole. I'm serious! And ALL the rest of the Deodorants said "Antiperspirant" on them so I was like oh I'm screwed. Well then a couple days later I was at the Grocery Store. 'Albertsons' to be more specific. They had 'ARM & HAMMER' Brand Natural Deodorant. So I sniffed it and it smelled so so good! When I got home I tried it on and its so soft and not sticky at all. It is also 'aluminum & paraben free' which is great! & It was super cheap. Some deodorants out there, you smell 'em and your like omg this smells so good I don't care how much it costs! You don't want those smelly thangs! Get Arm & Hammer...I HIGHLY recommend it! More reviews to come!!!:)

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