Tuesday, November 2, 2010

October Favorite Foods

Ok so I'm the type of person who loves to save my money. I don't buy tons of clothes or makeup or things like that. Because I USED to be like that and after that phase I realized how much money I had wasted on clothes I don't even LIKE anymore. Don't get me wrong, I love love love fashion. If I had the FUNDING..lol... I would be dressed to impress 24/7. But, I don't and I would rather have money. What I do spend some of my money on though is food. I am a big FOODIE. I love food, love cooking, baking, eating...nom nom nom! I am always trying new things from the grocery store or new places to eat. Mexican and Italian are my favorites. But when I go to the grocery store I actually like shopping on the organic isle and trying new things they have there. A girl at my work introduced me to these Arizona Pomegranate Green Tea Iced Tea Stix. I absolutely love their pom. green tea that you can purchase in the bottle so I thought Hey, I'll try 'em. They are super delicious! I forget how much money they were but I got a box w/ 10 sicks in it and it must have been less than $5.00. So that's like 10 bottles of green tea! They taste just like the bottle. The only thing that is a BIT off is this tastes a little bit more SPLENDA-y than the bottled stuff. If you don't like splenda you might not LOVE this. I normally don't love splenda but I do really like these sticks!

Another thing I recently tried is BAKED chips. They have BAKED Dorito's BAKED Cheeto's & tons more. But those two are my favorites! They are SO much better for you than the originals and they taste just as great! I like the BAKED Cheeto's the best. They really do taste the same. The dorito's are a little "healthier" tasting ...but they still taste like dorito's. They have that addicting taste! :)

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  1. I'm a big foodie too!:D

    Thanks for posting, will try that tea soon.:D

    ***** Marie *****